on to go

I feel like August is a busy month of errands and running around.  Maybe because it’s the last month of summer or perhaps there’s the anticipation of a new season so a comfy outfit is great for a day running errands like back to school shopping or going out on an adventure.

Here’s some inspiration for my ‘on the go’ outfit:

  • no to little makeup (like nude colors)
  • coffee, always
  • a small backpack
  • magazines or books to read (just in case I need to wait or take a break from running around)
  • my to do list
  • camera
  • mid-rise boyfriend trousers that’s great for comfort yet chic
  • statement t-shirt that would look great tucked in
  • loafers but loving these Gucci slippers
  • gold earrings


What’s inspiring you this month?

my new go to coffee shop: Queens, NY

I spend a lot of time in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan….and I was thinking of sharing my favorite places to go to when I’m in each area. It can be coffee, food, juice bar, or a great happy hour. I hope it can give you a new place to check out if you’re in the neighborhood.

So for this post, we’re going to Sunnyside, Queens. Sunnyside is a big part of me so I was excited that a new coffeeshop was opening up in the area. I have been passing by this coffeeshop for a while now and it looked so cute but I never had the time to go in. Yesterday, I was able to stop by for an iced latte and oh boy, it did not disappoint. This cute coffeeshop is called Brookside Market.


I mean, let’s take a second to admire the outside. How cute!!

Okay, so the iced latte was amazing! They also have juices, sandwiches, and some snacks to pick up. Now, I’m usually very big on customer service and that can make a place awesome or just make you want to never come back (no matter how good the coffee is). Over at Brookside Market, the service was great. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the name of the gentleman that helped me but he was polite and very welcoming.

Inside, there’s such a cozy vibe that makes you want to stay. They have books, a vinyl player, indoor AND outdoor seating.




I hope you enjoy this! I have so many places to share with you all. Let me know if there’s any place you’d like to see. I would love to hear from you! xx

What inspires you?


We all have a time where every thing inspires us. We walk down the street, we see a cute outfit on a stranger, we browse through the Internet, or read a magazine and all while our brains are working fast thinking ‘how can I add that’…  to my style, to a post, or whatever else we got going on. These are the great times where creativity just keeps flowing– and it’s awesome.

But… what happens when you’re not feeling inspired by anything? What do we do? Do we keep our head down while we wait for inspiration to find us again– to motivate us again? I used to think if there’s no inspiration, then I should wait until it comes.. it doesn’t matter how long it takes.

Months later, I realize that I haven’t done anything creative. Nothing has inspired me. My life has become a routine. I worked, went to school, and did other things that took up all my time. By the end of the night, I was mentally exhausted and just ready to unwind with Netflix. I wasn’t happy with how things were going so I told myself, instead of waiting until I’m inspired, why not just go out there and get inspired. Now you’re probably thinking, ‘isn’t that the same thing,’ or ‘what are you talking about?’ Well, it’s simple. I decided to go after things that may inspire me. I went to bookstores and browse through magazines and books. I used Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest. I reorganized my closet. I went on walks. I looked for things that stood out. That made me pause for a minute to admire. Anything that gave me a reaction. And it worked… the change of scenery and routine made me want to take time to browse and spend time looking at new trends or new ways to decorate your room. Those are some tips that worked for me. I hope it helps you and remember, always keep creating and learning ❤

I would love to hear from you! What inspires you?

for a chill day


Even though it is only July (and in the middle of summer), New York City has given us a few days of fall-like weather.It has been chilly and our outerwear consists of sweaters. Weather like this makes me want to stay in and have a night to pamper myself.

For these kind of nights, I love listening to music in the background with whatever I’m doing (even reading). Do you also read and listen to music? I’m not sure if that’s something people do but it works for me.

I love music and I have different outlets where I have playlists that I can jam out to but my favorite one recently is my ‘chill’ playlist on Spotify.

Here are some of the songs that I’m loving:

Amber– 311
Saint Jerome– Coconut Records
Trying To Be Cool– Phoenix
Cardiac Arrest (WoodysProduceRemix)– Bad Suns
Nighttiming– Coconut Records
Feel It Still– Portugal. The Man
Rosie– The Kooks
Fluorescent Adolescent– Arctic Monkeys
Microphone– Coconut Records

or listen to the playlist here

I hope you enjoy it. Some of the songs are old but the best playlist also provides some oldies so you can sing along. Follow me on alexandralorenac on Spotify and comment below what you have been listening to! I love finding new songs and artists that I can listen to ❤

Things to do in NYC in a Day

Have a day off? Here are a list of places to visit, things to do, and spots to eat and drink all throughout New York City. You can do it alone, or make a date out of it, or spend it with friends.



Okay, I know the West Village isn’t an activity BUT I do look forward to walking through the neighborhood. I mean, look at these homes! It doesn’t hurt to day dream about residing in one of these. Besides beautiful home, the West Village has a lot of restaurants and coffee shops to check out. I definitely recommend coming here on a nice day and walking through here. It’s a nice stroll with plenty of places to stop in and try.

With all this walking around, you might want to pick up a drink or sit down and relax. Here are two coffee shops that I cannot get enough of — and for those who are not coffee drinkers, here is a yummy matcha spot.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Gasoline Alley Coffee : Three locations

  • Soho / Little Italy area
  • SoHo
  • Flatiron



Birch Coffee : Nine locations

  • Upper East Side
  • Flatiron
  • SoHo
  • West Village
  • Financial District









Cha Cha Matcha : Little Italy

Now I know summer is soon approaching but for those who still have work to do, the New York Public Library is a great place to go. Even for those who are writing or reading for pleasure, it is a place where one can unplug from the outside world. Tourists still come in and out of rooms but after a few minutes of work, you forget they are there.

For those who don’t like to read or write OR have any work to do, the NYPL is still the place to go because of their lifesaving air-conditioning. You’ll thank me on those humid, sunny days 😉.











Worked out an appetite? Check out Jack’s wife Freda in the West Village or SoHo. Great food, great drinks.





New York City is frigid cold right before spring/summer days. We don’t get these warm days for a long time so the best way to make the most of it is to be out. The thing I look forward to on warmer days is bringing a blanket and laying down in Central Park (or walking in the park). There is a lot of park to cover but this park offers a range of things to appreciate. I can go on and on but you should see for yourself. Plus, there’s cute dogs being walked everywhere (that should convince all) 😊.



Now, we should be towards the end of your day. Before you go home or head out to New York City’s nightlife, catch the sunset.


This is at the Brookfield Place in the Financial District. The mall has many restaurants, places to shop, and views to make it worth checking out. I love coming here with my boyfriend or friends, grabbing Japanese food, and soaking in the view.

If you have any suggestions of places to go, I would love to know. There will be a blogpost weekly so keep your eyes open!

by Alexandra



A Sunday in New York City

Living in  New York City has its perks. We have endless amounts of restaurants, coffee shops and many places to visit.  Since Sundays are my day off, I look forward to heading out to a new restaurant or visiting places that I have been wanting to check out.  Last Sunday, when it is typically chilly in a November day, we got 60 degrees weather. Everyone was out enjoying the last few “warm” days until the frigid weather comes.

This is my what I usually do on a Sunday:


First stop: Brunch

My sister and I went to The Butcher’s Daughter, a vegetarian restaurant in the West Village.





My favorite thing about this place is the decor. (Don’t get me wrong, the food is great) It is such a cute restaurant and it’s all aesthetically pleasing. All you want to do is take photos of every corner of this place. I definitely recommend coming here with some girlfriends and enjoying happy hour or a fun brunch.

Next stop: After brunch, we walked around the West Village going to stores along the way to try out a new coffee shop. On our way to the coffee shop, we couldn’t help but take photos of the cute homes, our outfits, and everything around us. Fall in New York City is such a beautiful time.









What I’m wearing:  Collar button down top- Forever 21 | Knitted pullover- Aerie | Black skinny pants- Zara | Purse- Madewell | Shoes- Dr Martens

Last stop: Stumptown Coffee Roasters in West Village

I have past by this coffee cafe a few times and it has always captured my attention. The interior  is exactly how I picture a coffee shop-cozy  with a bookshelf. For someone who loves coffee and is on a mission to try out every coffee shop I can get to- I needed to try this place out. I’m glad I did because it is one of the best lattes I have tried (and that says a lot). If you ever come across a Stumptown Coffee Roaster, GO INSIDE and have a cup of coffee, you will not regret it!






IMG_0111 (1).jpg

Besides having an obsession with coffee, I also love collecting coffee mugs. There’s something special about drinking your coffee first thing in the morning with a cute mug. It’s the little things that can help start the day in a good way.

That’s pretty much a Sunday for me. What is your Sunday like? Do you spend it unwinding and preparing for the upcoming week or do you like to spend it out with your friends and family?


The Beginning

Where do I start? I decided on a random, fall day that I wanted to make a blog. I don’t consider myself a “writer” and to be honest, my grammar definitely needs help. I speak a thousand words per minute and it is hard to write them down when it is running so fast in my head. I decided to make this blog for a few reasons. I am 24 years old and living in New York City. Living in a fast paced city, among thousands of people, it is easy to feel lost and unnoticed. I want to express my thoughts as a twenty-something years old because it feels alright when we know others are also feeling what we are feeling. I want to share my heartbreaks because we all go through them and my inspiration to continue forward because we all need it sometimes. I want to display my favorite pictures that moves me and my favorite outfits that I can’t get enough of. This blog will be a little bit of everything from photography, to style, to my favorite places to hide away to. Stay on the adventure with me as we go together experiencing life.